Car camping experience of a 20-something girl at "RV Park Road Station Kosuge" in Yamanashi!
Car camping experience of a 20-something girl at "RV Park Road Station Kosuge" in Yamanashi!

Car camping experience of a 20-something girl at "RV Park Road Station Kosuge" in Yamanashi!

27才で車中泊旅を初体験、以降ハマる。Webマーケッター・ライターとして活躍し、"好きなときに、好きな場所で、旅するように暮らす"を目標に「VANガール」としてVANLIFEの魅力を発信中! Twitter: @VANGIRLJAPAN

Hi! Kaori here, a twenty-something girl that's obsessed with car camping!

I recently went car camping at "RV Park Road Station Kosuge" in Kosuge village, Yamanashi Prefecture. It was only 2 hours drive from Tokyo. This article is a MUST READ if you're thinking, What's an RV Park? Isn't it dangerous for women to go car camping alone? What's in Kosuge?

I will talk about my very own experience in "Road Station Kosuge" here. By the way, I also wrote about Kosuge in my article "Camping Car Tour in Kosuge Village – Just 2 Hours Away From Tokyo!" so definitely check that out too!

What's an RV park?

An RV park is a camping ground for recreational vehicles that are currently very popular in the US, Europe, and Australia. RV parks began to spread all over Japan in 2010 through the efforts of Japan Recreational Vehicle Association (JRVA). Currently, there are about 120 RV parks in Japan. (Image is of "RV Park Road Station Kosuge.)

What kind of place is Road Station Kosuge?

This station has many points of interests including Kosuge Hot Springs, Genryu Restaurant, Forest Adventure Park, a museum, RV parking and other tourist information. You can see beautiful colored leaves in autumn around the station!

First, let's unwind—in a hot spring!

There's a natural “source” hot spring inside the station where all driver's can unwind after a long drive.

【Tamagenryuonsen Kosuge Hot Spring Informations】

・Entrance: ¥750 (Adult), ¥400 (Primary school age and younger)

・Hours: 10am-7pm (Apr to Oct), 10am-6pm (Nov to Mar) *Closed on Fridays

You can enjoy 9 kinds of hot springs, such as open-air baths and cauldron baths, and you can relax after a long day of traveling. Personally, I love the outdoor baths where you can bathe while looking at the natural scenery of Kosuge village! It's perfect for women who want to have young glowing skin!

And...there's a MUST eat for you! Kosuge's best ever pizza place

Sit at a fine Italian restaurant called "Genryu Restaurant" that's inside the station, offering the best pizza in town. The only Italian restaurant in Kosuge that's located inside Road Station Kosuge (Yamanashi Prefecture). It boasts of an authentic Italian pizza baked in brick oven. Their pizza only uses fresh local ingredients like Fuji potatoes and mushrooms harvested from Kosuge village itself. "Genryu Restaurant" is a favorite among the locals, offering glamping(glamorous camping) dinner experience for a limited period. (Jan 12, 2019 to Mar 3, 2019 on weekends and holidays only.)

I'd always wanted to try glamping dinner and finally did. Inside the glamping tent, you can indulge in locally produced vegetables, venison meat and river fish and enjoy quite a lavish time there. The glamping tent that I stayed in had a wood burning stove and sofas. It was very relaxing and the colors were cozy.

(I put pictures on Instagram and got tons of likes and emoji. So fabulous♫)

Lastly, if you want to go car camping, go to RV Park Road Station Kosuge

I always get very sleepy right after eating good food. Luckily, there's an RV parking space that you can use at Road Station Kosuge, which means you can eat and drink as much as you want and crash right there and have a good sleep.(You can book this station by Carstay page)

RV Park Road Station Kosuge is located at the edge of the station, so you're surrounded by nature and can sleep sound at night. I felt very secure when I stayed there particularly because there's another camper beside us. The power supply and the 24-hour toilet facilities available for campers also made our stay incredibly convenient.

And when you arrive, simply upload a picture of the white Carstay cone and your plate number, and you're checked in!

✔Bonus: Take home Kosuge memories with you

There are lots of souvenirs and gifts sold at Road Station Kosuge. I recommend the two items below! (Sorry, they're both alcohol XD)

・Original Gentei Wine

1 bottle (Red or White): 750ml ¥2,000 (tax included)

I had this at the Genryu Restaurant. It was a little fruity and sweet, and very easy to drink for women♫

・Far Yeast Brewing Genryu Jozojo Beer

1 bottle : 330ml ¥540 (tax included)

I personally recommend Tokyo IPA. The aroma is good and it's very easy to drink. It's won an award before and you can definitely taste why.

That was my car camping experience at RV Park Road Station Kosuge. What do you think? Kosuge village, Yamanashi is an awesome place to go not only for car camping but also to have a whole day tucked away in nature abundant with food. For those exhausted with their work life in the city, spend a lovely weekend over in Kosuge village!


27才で車中泊旅を初体験、以降ハマる。Webマーケッター・ライターとして活躍し、"好きなときに、好きな場所で、旅するように暮らす"を目標に「VANガール」としてVANLIFEの魅力を発信中! Twitter: @VANGIRLJAPAN

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