About the Joint Use Agreement

1. What is a joint use agreement?

“Joint use” or “shared use” agreement is a legal agreement for sharing authority and responsibility between an Owner and a Driver for the use of a private vehicle. Unlike van rentals that apply a lessor-lessee relationship with customers, Vanshare users manage and decide whom they enter a joint use contract with.

*This joint use agreement does not apply for people who want to become a van rental operator. That requires a different rental agreement, which has a broader scope that this.


2. Difference between joint/shared use and van rental

(a) Joint use allows charging fees for vehicle maintenance costs only and not for making profits. Van rentals, on the other hand, offer a for-profit service that requires an official business permit from the government.

(b) Both the Owner and the Driver are responsible for keeping the van fully inspected and maintained.

(c) As the concept of sharing suggests, certain rules are enforced such as for booking a van.

*Refer to the “Terms of Use” for more details about this joint use agreement.

*Owner/Driver registration is required to use our Vanshare services.


3. Inspecting and maintaining the van by both the Owner and the Driver

The Owner and/or the Driver must perform daily and periodic inspection and maintenance work on the van during use according to the joint-use contract.

*Both the Owner and the Driver must thoroughly inspect the van during pickup and drop-off.

*Vans with defects or safety issues are not allowed for sharing.


4. How to price the van for share

The Owner can set the price of the van for share enough that it covers all the maintenance cost that will accrue over the period of use by the Driver. A maximum listing price is set to discourage using this service for profit-making.

*The maximum listing price is determined by taking into consideration the van's original purchase price, annual maintenance cost, and current mileage—all provided by the Owner during registration.

*Annual maintenance cost includes expenses for fuel, oil change, vehicle tax, 12- month inspection fee, mandatory liability insurance, vehicle inspection fee, tires, parking, car wash, car detailing, and others.


5. Joint use agreement period

The agreement becomes effective once the Owner accepts the first booking request and it remains valid for 12 months. In addition, it restarts automatically if the booking start or end date is set on the last day of the current period. However, if either the Owner or the Driver deletes their Vanshare account during this period, the dual use agreement becomes null and void upon the deletion.


6. Where to review active joint use contracts

My Booking List“ on your Vanshare page.

Even if it looks like you have an active contract with someone, it may have already expired if you cannot see their name and address. For example, they may have deleted their Vanshare account.

7. Violation of joint use agreement

The Owner or the Driver is responsible for any loss or damages caused by violation or negligence of duties according to the joint use agreement and may result in the termination of their contract or Vanshare account.

8. Profile information privacy

Profile information includes Vanshare user’s registered username, nationality, and photo.

・The Owner's profile information is visible to all Vanshare users after registration.

・The Driver's profile information is visible to all Vanshare users after posting a review.

*Writing contents that slander, do not convey the truth, or violate public order and morals is strictly prohibited.

9. Personal information shared between the Owner and the Driver

The Owner's and the Driver's names, email addresses, and home addresses are shared with each other via email once their joint use agreement is effective. Even if someone deletes their account and terminates the agreement, this information will remain in each other's inboxes.

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