Return to the wild and enjoy nature anytime. The glamour of REWILD Glamping Car!
Return to the wild and enjoy nature anytime. The glamour of REWILD Glamping Car!

Return to the wild and enjoy nature anytime. The glamour of REWILD Glamping Car!

バンライフが大好きな30才!車中泊旅ライター。 「VANLIFE」の魅力を多くの人に知って貰えたら嬉しいです! ・Twitter: KCarstay

"I'm very busy every day but I’d love to take it easy on the weekends outdoors."

"I kinda wanna go camping but I dunno how to get started."

"I wanna enjoy the outdoors too even though I’m a girl…just that I'm a li’l squeamish about bugs and dirt."

You definitely need to try renting Glamping Car over the weekend! Feel the glamour of REWILD Glamping Car and return to the wild for one unforgettable nature getaway!

Did you know that Chikako and Taishi from Terrace House also went car glamping?

There's only one RV in Japan that lets you experience glamorous camping

As the name suggests, Glamping Car is an RV for car glamping, which is glamping + camping car where glamping means "glamorous camping." In other words, car glamping means glamorous car camping, and the main difference from ordinary camping is that Glamping Car rental comes with all the camping amenities.

All camping amenities are included so no need to bring your own

Usually, if you want to go camping with an RV, you need to bring your own camping gear or rent separately. With Glamping Car, all the amenities that you need are all included: tent, tarp, rugs, tables, chairs, sofa bed, blankets, hammock, cooler, lantern, speaker, BBQ grill, and even outdoor theater! It's absolutely luxurious♬

The best thing is you can do it anywhere in Japan

If you stay at a hotel or ryokan, or go camping traditionally, you're pretty much stuck within the area or somewhere close to a train station. But with Glamping Car, there are no limits as long as there's a road. That also means that during holidays when most campsites are swarmed by people, you can drive your Glamping Car to a relatively remote and quiet place.

Your wife or girlfriend will be absolutely delighted!


Rent Glamping Car from REWILD on this page. The defining feature of Glamping Car is its head-turning and absolutely stunning artwork. On the right reads "LIVE REWILD HAVE FUN," representing luxurious experience; while on the left reads "REWILD IS REVOLUTION" together with a picture depicting human evolution, symbolizing evolution by returning to the wilderness.

This artwork will definitely stand out anywhere

The idea is that you can reset yourself from all the stress in the city by returning to nature. I couldn't agree more with this. Nature has such power in rejuvenating us.

Who says car camping is only for men? Women love many things about it too!

REWILD originally operated an "outdoor space for women" called "REWILD RIVER SIDE GLAMPING HILL" in the Yoro Valley in Chiba. The whole space was designed with women in mind and the only rule was that you either had to be a woman or accompanied by a woman to enter. It got favorable response from every one.

Today, this very company that challenged the outdated notion of outdoors = male territory is focusing all its attention to camping cars. In 2018, REWILD decided that camping cars are not only toys for men but also for women.

It has glamorous interior and open nature feel that all women love!

The wooden interior gives a "natural feel" and is the biggest hit among women. The design is based on Dethleffs camping cars but with an American West Coast style—totally Instagram-worthy! And don't get me started on the cute chairs and throw pillows! It's like walking through a beautiful canvas painting, and you the focal point.

The bed is also really cute. Some campers have a smaller sleeping capacity than their passenger capacity, but with Glamping Car, there's room for both six adult passengers and six sleepers. Of course, with good air conditioning.

The kitchen is also pretty nice. There's a little sink, a three-burner stove, and a fairly large refrigerator. You can run both the refrigerator and air conditioner 24 hours if you book a parking spot with a power station on Carstay. It even has a large grill that can accommodate a BBQ party cookout.

Can you use Glamping Car throughout the year?

Regular camping is usually only limited to certain times of the year. For example, you don't really want to go out camping in the heat of summer or when it's freezing in winter. With Glamping Car, however, you have heating in winter and air conditioning in summer. Tents and side awnings also provide plenty of shade against direct sunlight. And even if it rains, you can still hang out inside the car and cook, but still never be separated from nature. It's completely weather-proof♬

Take glamour shots inside or outside like you're in a popular Hollywood TV Series

You can also experience a once in a lifetime "outdoor night theater" with your friends or special someone with the theater system (projector, screen, adaptor). If you have some serious talking to do, you can also rent an outdoor meeting lounge set! just imagine what you can do there.

I wish more people can reconnect with nature through Glamping Car

Finally, a message from Mr.Shinkai, the mastermind of Glamping Car:

There are endless possibilities with Glamping Car, especially for those who've had enough of the city grind and outdoor noobs who need a hand with their first nature adventure. Glamping Car comes with a lot of amenities (although you don't have to use them all) and a complete beginner's guide that teaches all the tips and tricks to a fancy enjoyment. Book a parking spot on Carstay and take Glamping Car there now!”

You can rent Glamping Car from REWILD on this page!


バンライフが大好きな30才!車中泊旅ライター。 「VANLIFE」の魅力を多くの人に知って貰えたら嬉しいです! ・Twitter: KCarstay

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