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Campers can choose from a variety of vehicle types according to the number of people sleeping and the intended use.
Find the type of vehicle that is right for you.
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Light camping car (for 1~2 persons)Small, easy-to-drive light van base
for novice drivers
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Van Conversion (for 1~4 persons)Functional van type with room for luggage,
for beginner to intermediate drivers
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Cab Conversion (for 2~6 persons)The Camping Car with kitchen and table
for intermediate to advanced drivers
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Motorhome (for 2~10 persons)Gorgeous travel in a hotel-like cabin
for advanced drivers
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Roof top tent (for 1-3 persons)Type with a tent mounted on the roof or cargo bed of the car
From beginner to advanced drivers
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Trailers (for 1-4 persons)Towing with a hitch attached to the back of a standard car, without an engine. A towing license is required for towing more than 750 kg
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